Mauricio Pochettino wants to emulate Arsene Wenger at Tottenham

After the sacking of Jose Mourinho by Manchester United, Tottenham boss emerged has one of the favorite to take over at Old Trafford. But the Argentine has now refuted the claim of him taking over at Manchester United, while signaling his desire to spent about 20 years as Tottenham manager.

The former Southampton boss spoke of his admiration for former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, hoping he could have an opportunity to quiz him about his reign at Arsenal.

He also felt the French man was not properly treated prior to his exit after all he had achieved at the club.

“I have a massive, huge respect for Arsene Wenger. Because when people talk of his 22-years in charge of a club like Arsenal and all that happens in that period,” said Pochettino.

“You need to be so good, not only a coach but the values you translate.

“That is why it’s a little bit sad about the way he finishes in his club. For us it’s not a business it’s a passion. For all Arsene Wenger gave for Arsenal, to finish in the way it finished, it’s a little bit unfair.”

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Pochettino spoke of his desire to replicate the same fate of longevity at Tottenham

“I hope, or wish, to be here 20 years and decide to leave or to finish my career here. But I need to ask him, if one day I get the opportunity, if he is happy in the way he finishes. I don’t believe [he did].” the Argentine said.

He also spoke on his side inability to compete financially.

“It is not my dream to have this type of money. Of course it is going to help you, but it is not my dream,”¬†Pochettino said.

“People think the only way is money. But at the moment I am happy. Today the club is doing what the club need to do and I am so happy to be here helping the club and is it so clear, the project.

“I can see in the future Tottenham winning trophies, I don’t know with us or without, in one year or in five years, but all the basis and foundation is for one day to start to win.

“The vision for the future is for Tottenham to be one of the most exciting clubs in the world, not only England.”

Mauricio Pochettino joined Tottenham in 2014 and has so far taken them to three consecutive top four finish out of his four seasons in charge of the North London side.

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